How to Take Control Of Your Career


Although it may not always feel like it, your career and the path you take is ultimately in your hands. Therefore, it’s truly in your best interest to learn ways for how you can step up to the plate and begin to take better control of your future.

If you’re feeling stuck or unsure of where to turn next, then it’s a good time to reflect and gather a few tips to help you get back on track. The upside is that it’s honestly never too late to take a new direction or rethink where you’re heading and make a change. Challenge your excuses for why you can’t and instead focus on all the reasons why you can get back in the driver’s seat for where your career is going.

Set Goals

You can take control of your career starting today by spending time setting new goals for what you want to achieve going forward. Think long and hard about what you feel has been missing in your professional life and how you might go about tackling the days ahead. Be specific in your approach so you have a clear idea of how you’ll meet each objective. For instance, maybe it’s that you want to go for a promotion or head back to school and obtain a higher degree. It’s important to review your goals daily,so you don’t lose sight of what you’re after when you get busy with your day job.

Build Self-Confidence

The more confident you are in your abilities,the less of a chance you’ll have for losing your way as you try to advance your career. You can do this by reviewing and practicing self empowerment exercises that will help you improve in this area. This way, you’ll be more likely to go after challenges even if they seem a bit scary and get noticed by your coworkers and boss for all your efforts. Feeling unsure of yourself may cause you to suddenly become shy about what it is you want to achieve and fall back into old habits of sitting on the sidelines instead of going after what you feel you deserve.

Seek Opportunities to Grow

If you want to take control of your career, then it’s in your best interest to put yourself out there and seek opportunities to grow. Doing so could be anything from taking on a challenging project at work that’s outside of your normal responsibilities to focusing on personal development courses or tasks. It’s in your best interest to not get too comfortable in one place and to keep trying to better yourself so you can get ahead. People will begin to recognize your hard work,and you’ll likely soon be rewarded for having the perseverance to want to keep improving your skills and abilities.

Talk to Your Boss

It’s a good idea to get on the same page as your boss no matter where you’re working at the time. Even if it’s not your dream job or preferred company, you should always be focused on doing what you can in the moment to stay relevant. Take control of your career by sitting down with your boss and sharing your goals with him or her and asking what advice they have for you so you can get to the next level. They’ve likely been in your shoes before and will be able to point you in the right direction so you’re focusing on the kind of objectives that will get you somewhere in your career.

Secure A Network of Support

You don’t have to go about taking control of your career all alone or assume you have to do all the work yourself. Make it a point to build your network and secure a list of contacts who you can turn to for support and guidance throughout your journey. You never know who you’ll meet that will be able to help you advance in your career so you can work a job you actually like and that you find rewarding. Being connected is an excellent approach for you progressing in your professional life and also a way to get a better handle on where you’re heading in the future.

Keep Your Eyes & Ears Open

If you’re unhappy with how your career is playing out, it’s time to accept the reality and take action to create a better life for yourself. Even if you have a job now, it’s not a bad idea to always keep your eyes and ears open for other opportunities that may be available to you. Search job boards, stay active in your community and look around at your current company for any openings that might be popping up. You can take control of your career by not settling for mediocre and realizing that there are a lot of options out there, it may just take time to find the right one for you.

Don’t Give up on Yourself

Most importantly, don’t give up on yourself as you work on taking control of your career. If there’s one motto to live by to help keep you motivated to continue fighting for what you desire, it’s to believe in yourself! The reality is there will always be naysayers and a lot of competition out there for you to deal with, but you can’t let it deter or distract you away from reaching your professional goals. Avoid worrying about all that could go wrong or failures you’ve had and instead concentrate on all you have to offer and why an employer would be lucky to have you on their team.


Your career is a big part of your life so it makes sense that you’d want to perform a job that satisfies you. Give these tips a try for how you can take back control of your future and finally find a path that you feel good about and gets you excited to get up in the morning. Be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come and look forward to all the possibilities that lie ahead.

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