The mission of the Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN) is to bring the full New Orleans community together for a respectful and informed dialogue about the future of public education in the city. OPEN seeks to engage the community voice in every aspect of education visioning and policy reform, building a permanent entity to monitor, advocate, and hold accountable the necessary parties to ensure access to quality public education for all children in Orleans Parish.

OPEN believes transformative change in public education requires an informed and engaged community working in concert with schools around shared values and a commitment to excellence. OPEN’s work is driven by and rooted in its organizational values.


  • Every child has the capacity to learn and succeed.
  • The purpose of all education is to make students life-ready:  fully capable of realizing continuing education and/or career choices, and prepared to be productive, engaged citizens.
  • A well-educated citizenry is a requirement for, and will lead to, a happy and prosperous city.
  • Community support and ongoing engagement is necessary to sustain excellence and equity in public education.
  • There is a tremendous amount of wisdom contained within the New Orleans community.
  • Civic engagement can transform the performance of public systems.
  • A successful process includes working positively with, though not under the control of the existing education and political establishments.