6 Jobs that are Perfect for Animal Lovers

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It is often said that people only reach the zenith of their potential when passion and career come together as one. While there are a lot of people out there who like animals, not all of them are willing or capable of working with them for long periods of time. If you happen to be among the few who actually love animals enough to consider a career that involves working with them, then the following six jobs will make you happy.


This is probably the most obvious choice on this list and if you want to help creatures that can’t tell anyone about their pain, this is one of the best ways to do it. The pay is good at nearly $90,000 per annum on average and you will have a very hard time finding an out of work veterinarian in the US.

Veterinary Technician

No other job other than that of the veterinarian itself surpasses the role a vet technician plays in helping animals in medical situations. If you would like to build a career as a veterinary technician, you should check out best-vettechschools.com for more information and available courses.

Wildlife Rehabilitator

It’s not just our pets that require human attention. Wild animals need it from time to time as well. Rescued wild animals cannot just be set free into the forest; they must be taken through multiple steps that are necessary for safe rehabilitation. As a wildlife rehabilitator, you will be doing exactly that.

Wildlife Photographer

Thanks to channels like National Geography, Animal Planet, and Discovery, we can see more wildlife up close and personal without actually having to visit an exotic location. Have you ever wondered about the men behind those cameras? That could be you if you have a love for adventure, animals, and photography.

Animal Cruelty Investigator

You would be unpleasantly surprised at the amount of abuse, torture, and neglect that people put animals – and sometimes their own pets – through, but dealing with those situations and making sure that adequate legal proceedings are taken against the perpetrator is the job of the animal cruelty investigator. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but someone’s got to help those that can’t even speak for themselves. Both government and private employment options are available in the field.

Pet Sitter

This could be the perfect job for students who don’t mind looking after pets on behalf of the owners in a house. There are no qualifications necessary for the job and there is no fixed rate, but it usually pays by the hour ($15/hour at least). This could turn out to be a good side income that doesn’t even feel like work!

Jobs that did not make it onto the list but are worth looking into include dog walking, pet grooming, dog training, and taking the post of a conservation officer. Whatever you choose, it is advised that you weigh your options well and match them with your skillset first.

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