4 Great Reasons to Study Criminology


Combining aspects of psychology, sociology and criminal justice into one program, criminology is a one-of-a-kind educational experience and a very interesting choice of topic to study. Criminology degrees online are widely available, and those who choose to pursue an education in this subject will be equipped with the resources, tools and skills necessary to combat crime today. Professionals in the field of criminology can choose front-line careers, for example in the police, prisons and probation, or, they can work behind the scenes, examining the causes and effects of criminal behavior. We’ve listed just some of the best reasons to choose a career in criminology.

Career Opportunities

When it comes to your future career, studying criminology opens up a wide range of doors of opportunity. The choices are endless when it comes to criminology related careers, whether you would prefer to work hands-on in the criminal justice system or think that you would be better suited to a career in research. One of the main benefits of earning a criminology degree is that you can begin to put the fundamentals that you have learned from the program into practice as soon as you begin work. For more information, check out this online criminology degree.

Financial Growth

The field of criminal justice is constantly expanding as it becomes increasingly more important to control crime and understand why it takes place. With high career demand, financial opportunities are very lucrative and graduates can expect to be able to earn a high salary depending on the field of criminology that they choose to work in.

Interesting Work

Working in the field of criminology is great for people who enjoy a challenge as it’s not your regular 9-5 office job. For many roles in criminology and criminal justice, no two days are the same and there will always be new situations and experiences that you will need to deal with. If you are hoping to pursue a career that will constantly motivate and excite you as well as allow you to continue to learn new things, a career in criminology will certainly provide all of this.

Make a Difference

Finally, working in criminology or the criminal justice system can be a great career choice if you are passionate about making a difference in your community and in the lives of others. Whether you choose to work on the front line with offenders or victims or behind the scenes in a research-based position, you will have a great chance to contribute to how crime is dealt with in your community and perhaps even be influential in reducing crime rates. Helping others to understand the motivations behind crime, encouraging rehabilitation and even coming up with new ways to better prevent crime could all be part of various criminology careers.

If you are looking for an interesting, fast-paced career which has a wide range of opportunities for growth, development, earning potential and making a significant difference in the lives of yourself and others, criminology is the perfect choice of degree program to study.

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