3 Ways To Prepare To Be A Defense Attorney


Choosing a career can be a real challenge. Especially if you’re about to embark upon your education, you want to be sure that you’re studying something that’s going to be a career that will be worth all your efforts and will leave you feeling fulfilled throughout the next few decades. With these two stipulations, many people find themselves being drawn to the field of law. If this sounds like something you’d be interested, here are three things you can do now to help you prepare for becoming a defense attorney later on in life. 

Get Your Bachelor’s Degree In Something You Love 

For those who’s wanted a career in law from a young age, you might be concerned about getting the right education at the bachelor’s stage. However, according to Learn How To Become, the particular bachelor’s degree you get has very little effective on your ability to get into a good law school. So rather than trying to choose an area of study where you think you’ll learn more about law, just pick a degree that you love and will help you develop some of the basic skills lawyers need, like critical thinking, writing, and researching. You can build these skills in almost any college, so get your bachelor’s degree in something you’ll enjoy studying for the next four years or so. 

Become Comfortable With Speaking In Front Of People 

As you prepare for a life as a defense attorney, one of the biggest skills that many people find themselves working on is their ability to speak in front of people. If you ever go to trial, and even in your communications with clients or other lawyers, it’s crucial that you’re able to portray confidence when addressing them. According to Beverly H. Rampaul, a contributor to AmericanBar.org, this means not only being able to share a prepared statement, but also being able to craft a story and get people invested in what you’re saying. If this means that you have to take a public speaking course or find ways to address large groups of people in order to get comfortable in this environment, so be it. 

Hone In Your Research Skills 

A major part of being a successful defense attorney, according to Thomas Metcalf, a contributor to Chron, is being able to effectively research. Defense attorneys, and all lawyers, have to be able to build a case either for or against someone, making their skills at researching vital to the ultimate success of their cases. So as you prepare to become a defense attorney, do whatever you can to hone your research skills as well.

If you want to become a defense attorney, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare for this career in the future.

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