13 Careers To Consider If You Love Working With People

Many people are extroverts. They thrive on human interaction and love being in constant communication with others.

If you’re that kind of person, and you’re in the market for a new job where you get to work with other people, you’re in luck. Here are 13 careers that might be just right for you.

  1. Jeweler

Being a jeweler involves more than just practicing the art of the sale. A jeweler helps people make memories. You get to work with people all day long to help them decide whether or not to buy an oval diamond for their engagement ring, or provide insight into an accent piece that could boost their self-confidence. 

  1. Social Worker 

When you’re a social worker, you’re the person who helps vulnerable children and families in crisis. You become their advocate, so you have to be aggressively outspoken. Social workers assist people every day to create better lives for themselves.

  1. Dance Instructor 

From Latin and ballroom dancing to children’s ballet, being a dance instructor is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do if you love working with people. You can choose to teach group classes or work with individuals with private lessons that help to build their confidence and teach them an enjoyable new skill.

  1. Lawyer 

To be a decent lawyer, you have to have good people skills. You work with clients every day to help them with legal matters that can often be both personal and fairly sensitive. Whether you have to represent people in court or negotiate contracts, being a lawyer is a great career for outgoing people.

  1. Public Relations Specialist 

Working in public relations requires great communication skills because you speak on behalf of an individual or company. This type of job is perfect for an extrovert because you may be called upon to speak with people in other companies as well as media outlets throughout the day.

  1. Consultant 

The role of a consultant comes under a broad umbrella. There are many types of business that seek consultation if you have the desired expertise. You have to build strong relationships with people to persuade them to accept your trust, so you can provide the necessary knowledge to solve the specific problems and challenges they face.

  1. Therapist 

If you want a job that entails helping other people, there’s almost nothing more direct and personal than their mental health. Therapists offer their clients assistance to navigate some of the most difficult periods in each person’s life. You will work closely with a variety of individuals on an emotional and psychological level so your clients will develop better skills to cope with life’s trials and obstacles.

  1. Sales Representative 

Sales representatives must possess a certain array of traits or skills that make them more outgoing than most other career professionals. You have to have great people skills along with an ability to communicate effectively over a wide range of settings. Your mission is to sell a product or service, which means you have to gain a person’s trust through relationship building.

  1. Event Planner 

When you’re an event planner, your job is to organize and execute functions for individual clients or companies. These may range from large corporate events and nonprofit galas down to an intimate wedding event for an engaged couple. You must communicate with vendors to negotiate prices and design the finer details on behalf of your clients.

  1. Teacher 

Elementary or high school teaching, or even private tutoring are all incredibly rewarding jobs that a people person would love. You can focus on a specific area of study, or work with young children to give them a broader sense of the world.

  1. Recruiter 

Many large staffing companies need recruiters. These are people who seek out quality talent to fill various job positions. You’ll talk with people every day to learn about their set of skills and what their particular interests may be. You’ll also get to attend networking events, college job fairs, and other events that are ideal for an extrovert.

  1. Nurse 

Though this tends to be a high-stress job, it demands impeccable bedside manner and the ability to care for someone who is in medical distress. When you’re a nurse, you get to work with people every day in both a physically and emotionally supportive role.

  1. Physical Therapist 

When someone has experienced a physical injury or ailment that requires a long-term treatment plan to regain their mobility, the person sees a physical therapist. This is an excellent job for the individual who isn’t afraid to work with people in a variety of healthy conditions and helping to improve their quality of life.


When you’re looking for a job that enables you to work with other people, the opportunities are endless. From the medical and education fields to sales and dance instruction, you can use your outgoing personality to find the job that’s perfect for you.

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